What People Are Saying About Us





"Increased Productivity"

I’ve only been in the mastermind for a few weeks but I could say without a doubt that it has greatly increased my productivity and just helps me get things done! Having accountability buddies is a gem - love you guys! I’ve become a woman of my word, which I feel I already was but now at another level. It makes me see daily if I’m doing the little things that will bring me to my goals and keeps me accountable to live my best life!!!!

- Mona Zalatan; Senior Account Executive, Salesforce

"Surrounded by peers with high standards"

Being excellent and outstanding is no longer just an option - it's a must because I'm surrounded with peer with high standards. The quality of our answers are directly related to the quality of our questions. Our facilitator Neil always stimulate us with insightful questions. I look forward to our mastermind group meeting weekly because it not only raise my standard but also allow me the space to be open, vulnerable, learn and grow.

- CEO, Phillip Ngo Insurance and Financial Services @ State Farm

"Accountability is key"

Neil has created amazing content and questions that have helped me move forward in my psychology and my business. Each week we focus on the areas of our life that we are working on and dialogue with each other on our goal setting and results. Neil creates thought provoking questions that help me dig deeper into what I really want lets me see the roadblocks preventing me from getting results. This mastermind is a ritual and a MUST that is essential to keep me accountable and moving forward!

- Ruth Hiller, Artist

"Friendship and growth in all areas of life"

Attending consistently to this mastermind group has helped me step up and take action. I am around super impressive people who are helping me raise my standards and have more faith in myself. The network of advice, wisdom, and companionship has made this one of the greatest parts of my week. There’s no question about it that this is worth the time and investment for anyone looking for more friendships and growth across all areas of your life.

- Maria House; Co-owner and Director, Joel House Search Media

"Huge Value Add!"

I wanted to take a minute to provide my feedback regarding the groups run by Neil and my only thought or piece of feedback would be that they were incredible. It was a huge value add combining such an immense peer group. Such intelligence, such energy, such states and a collaborative environment. I actually believe proximity is power and bringing these people together enhanced multiple areas in my life. There were a couple of places where I was stuck and being able to talk it through I was able to get to outcomes. There were areas where I was able to help and that really filled me up in my sense of contribution by being able to give knowledge or feedback to some others. Overall it is just a fantastic, fantastic thing to be apart of and I would encourage anyone interested in participating.

– Eugene Litvak; Founder, The Litvak Team @ Compass

"Achieve more, faster!"

Neil Young is an amazing human being. His mastermind is carefully curated. My accountability friends help me achieve more, faster.

- Prema Zilberman; CFO, Alexander Zilberman Architecture

Like them, do you wanna know what it's like to be part of a Mastermind Group?

Space is very limited so we're accepting participants on a first come, first served basis. You must meet the criteria to apply and you will get a response if we feel are the right fit for the group.

"Environment of Honesty!"

Neil has an uncanny ability to bring together like minded individuals in order to help each others navigate through their challenges using the collective intelligence of the group. He creates an environment of honesty and vulnerability where people feel comfortable sharing their problems, whether it be business or personal, and feel as if they 100% supported and never judged. That feeling of “being alone” is gone. As the leader of the mastermind group, Neil can be the perfect devil’s advocate or a supportive colleague, and he knows which role is best at any given moment and his advice is always very thoughtful, intuitive, and genuine. My mastermind group has become a 2nd family to me and I look forward to our call each week. Thank you Neil for bringing us together. I’ll be forever grateful.

- Darcy Weber; Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

"Honoured space to explore!"

Neil has a lovely ability to be present whilst being curious and sensitive to what is needed in the moment. I find I have an honoured space to explore what I am thinking and feeling as well as contribute to the group. Thank-you Neil! I really enjoy the groups!

- Briony Constantinou; Co-Creative Lifestyle Designer and Well-being Consultant


I was a member of Neil’s mastermind for several weeks. The first thing I want to say is, Neil did an incredible job facilitating each group. He always asked provoking questions. The thing I really liked about the Mastermind the most was connecting with other Plat’s in a very intimate way and sharing insights. We have some brilliant plat brothers and sisters and sharing with them is always inspiring. Thank you Neil 🙏

- Dr. Corey Cameron; Owner, Cameron Chiropractic and Holistic Healthcare

"Truly Supernatural!"

If I could sum it up. Becoming supernatural. Each meeting provided me with a deeper insight into the challenges I was encountering on my journey of life. Neil has such empathy for people and it shows in how he talks with people. The gifts and energy that Neil and the team bring to each call are truly supernatural. I am a better person and am doing bigger things to make this world a better place as a result of this atmosphere. You don’t learn this shit in school. 👍👍👍👍👍 thumbs up. 

- Richie Pyor; uthor and Founder, Richard Pryor Coaching

"Incredible experience!"

Being a part of Neil's Mastermind Calls weekly has been an incredible experience. Not only is it beneficial for creating goals and being held accountable, but it also allows for productive feedback by an aspirational group of people. The value of Neil's Mastermind Calls is priceless as everyone involved values contribution and that makes it special. I'm very grateful to be part of Neil's group and always look forward to our weekly call.

- Sergei Krjatian; Sales Executive, Lexus

"On point and valuable"

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Neil Young. He has created and successfully operated a number of international events colleagues and I have been involved in and attended. Every detail of the event was handled professionally and no detail was overlooked. When Neil offered to lead a Mastermind I was immediately interested and signed up. The meetings were always an excellent use of my time and the information was on point and valuable. I was able to monetize many of the items we covered. I will participate in any other groups that Mr. Young organizes and I have recommended him and his leadership to my colleagues and to anyone!

- John H. Rielly

"Accountability at its finest"

Being part of the mastermind group makes me feel like I’m not alone. In addition to the group meetings and shares and learnings, I have my own accountability partner, with whom I share weekly manifestations with.

- Merium Malik; Managing Partner, Malik Law Firm


Neil, you are a true leader as we all are! I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your vision in creating the teams. Your service has been outstanding to pull all this together. You're an amazing soul who comes from a place of grace and appreciation. We all applaud your success 👏👏👏👏 in creating the teams.

- Athul Takkar; Director, Scent Global 

"Exponential Growth"

Accountable is the word that comes to mind when I think of this group. It's helped me be accountable for my own growth. When you have a team of people that are cheering you on and picking you up and showing you your blinds spots in a loving container, you experience exponential growth. Lovingly being pushed out of our comfort zones is the only way to grow and BE. Forever grateful to be able to keep the momentum going pre events. Not to mention being in a group of like minded, goal oriented people allows you to feel a little less alone in the world. Chosen family! Thank you for leading, organizing, and giving us a place to gather to share our hearts, our wins, and our losses.

- Amanda O'Reilly; President and Founder, Balance Instyle

"Growing at an expediently fast rate"

An extremely useful arena for discovering and exploring your own emotional content and your true outcomes. For those who want to deepen knowledge of their personal state in any area of their lives, in a safe environment and be propelled with love and encouragement towards their dreams, then this is for you. This will allow you to ask the quality questions and go deep on subjects and in areas that you may not have been able to during the intensity of emotionally charged courses. In effect, this is where the real work is done and if you are consistent within this greenhouse environment (alongside implementing what you have learned) then you will grow and flourish at an expediently fast rate. This is also where you truly get to know your Plat family on a much deeper level. Enjoy and have fun!

- Andy Bryce; Director, AWG Tree Surgeons

"Helping my momentum!"

Neil, the weekly sessions have helped my momentum. I’m the pacesetter in my everyday environment, so having the weekly call kept me present to my Plat community that functions at a much higher level. I’m very grateful for the work you put in to bring us all together.

- Teresa Reif; Owner, Genesis Building Services,