Meet Neil Young

The Founder and CEO of Advanced Alpha.

Advanced Alpha is a personal development mastermind that helps people become better versions of themselves and ultimately unleash their potential so they can have a massive impact on the world.

Neil loves people and believes that life is all about constant and never-ending improvement.

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Neil had an awakening 5 years ago when he realized that enough was enough and that the quality of his life had to change. Since then, he has been on a quest of learning where he has had mentors to help him reach new levels. These mentors include John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneurs on Fire, Aaron Walker - Iron Sharpens Iron, Shachar Perlman - Emyth Business Coaching, Tony Robbins- The Platinum Partnership, Keith Cunningham - Key to The Vault, Peter Diamandis - Abundance 360 Community.

John Lee Dumas and the Entrepreneur on Fire community really helped Neil set new standards in his life and believe that anything was possible. Afterwards, he joined the Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind group for a period of 2 years where he learned how Masterminds work and to be part of a group of high achieving individuals.

He has been a Platinum Partner with Tony Robbins for the past 2 years and has created a new set of identities for himself that allowed him to reach goals bigger than he had ever imagined and executed them.

His business knowledge has been further developed through Emyth Business Coaching and Keith Cunningham. Emyth Business Coaching taught him how to structure businesses and set them up to succeed. Keith Cunningham, in the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad taught Neil the qualities that a CEO needs and how to behave like one to ensure that the company succeeds.

Peter Diamandis of Abundance 360 helped Neil on a new way of thinking so that he can better help others around him by thinking and having a bigger impact on the world.

Neil is always learning and believes that in every area of your life you need to be a leader and be at the latest state of the art techniques.


Neil initially started in the hotel management scene where he worked in numerous departments (front of house/ back of house) as well as working as a Chef in London for 2 years.

He then entered the construction industry where he worked as a Quantity Surveyor and Business Development Executive before returning to the family business with his father. He helped his father grow the structural engineering consultancy from 4 employee’s working out of the spare bedroom in the house to 20 employees in an office building. Revenue increased 300% and they are now the leading structural engineering company in Dubai UAE.

Neil is also the Event Director of the Wadi Bih Run. An adventure trail relay running race in the mountains of UAE. This has now grown to 2 events per year.

Neil has been on a constant never-ending pursuit to refine his health. As a teenager, Neil was a heavy smoker and a drinker. Towards the end of his teen years, Neil was also doing a lot of drugs. He has now been free from smoking and drugs for 10 years, he has not touched alcohol in 3 years. He has reduced his sugar intake to less than 50 grams per day and has removed coffee from his diet entirely.

Neil was brought up in a very athletic family and exercises twice a day. He is an expert in yoga, squash, running, and general fitness.

More About Neil

Neil is 32 years old and is a British national who has lived in Dubai UAE, a very innovative and progressive country for the last 30 years.

Neil has been exposed to the latest, cutting-edge technologies and how to be the best in mentality.

Neil is married to his lovely wife Sakhi. They have 2 beautiful German Shepherds named Cosmo and Sheeba that they take running with them, camping in the deserts and mountains and the beautiful beaches of the UAE regularly. Neil is also an avid golfer and plays on world-class, famous courses in Dubai often.

Neil has learned a lot about investing from key figures such as Tony Robbins and Ray Dalio. They have taught him about asymmetric returns and having a diversified portfolio allocation.

Neil is a subscriber to the Cryptocurrency mentorship of Jacob Canfield under Signal Profits as well as being subscribed to interactive brokers where he has invested diversly across a number of ETF’s.

Neil has been running 8 Mastermind groups for the past 6 months for 80 of Tony Robbins Platinum Partners. He is always contributing whether local in Dubai, globally through the Tony Robbins foundation or, one-on-one with his coaching clients.