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By Neil Young @ 22 Tony Robbins events over 22 consecutive months.

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Here's what 'The 4 Steps to Life Mastery' will help you achieve


your human needs and how you can master them


the needs of heart, body, mind and spirit 


and master your need for contribution and giving.


your different needs to outline a plan for your future

Do you know what your human needs are?

What makes you happy? What keeps you motivated?

About the Creator:

Jim Rohn said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so my question is, who are you spending your time with?

My name is Neil Young and I am the founder and lead facilitator of Advanced Alpha, where our mission is to empower high achievers to get results in 3 months of less by mastering their human needs. 

I am 3 years into my platinum partnership program with Tony Robbins and my claim to fame is having done 22 Tony Robbins events over 22 consecutive months.

During this time I realised that living your dream life is about mastering 4 things: your intentions, feelings, habits and energy.

In addition to being mentored by Tony Robbins, I have also been mentored by leading experts such as Joe Dispenza, Sadhguru, Joseph Mcclendon, Scott Harris and also met in person and learnt from a diverse range of famous figures such as Tony Blair, Diego Maradonna, Fat Joe, Erik Prince, Bo Chao and countless others.