Strengthen Your Relationships

The key to strengthening your relationships is all about understanding the other person's needs as well as your own. By identifying what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can have open dialogue with the other person and understand each other better.

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How can I be more present with my partner?

Question 2 of 14

What acts of service can I do for my partner?

Question 3 of 14

Of the 6 human needs, which of these am I not satisfying in my partner?

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Question 4 of 14

If you have kids, what are you not doing enough with them?

Question 5 of 14

Which two needs do you need to focus more on?

Question 6 of 14

What is the one thing that I need to change in my marriage?

Question 7 of 14

Who do I hang around with that is not good for me?

Question 8 of 14


What responsibilities do I love doing and which responsibilities do I not like to do?


Question 9 of 14


Which areas do you feel your partner needs to improve on?

Question 10 of 14

What is your vision of your ideal sexual relationship?

Question 11 of 14

Which activities do you need to spend less time doing?

Question 12 of 14

Which activities do you need to spend more time doing?

Question 13 of 14


What is a secret fantasy that you have about your relationship?

Question 14 of 14


What could I do once a month that would be amazing?


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